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About Us

Dehradun directory is an online organization with the purpose of helping local business list, grow and expand on the web front , while at the same time ensuring that the people have a seemless experience finding the service or product they need.

In the year 2022 the capital flow in Dehradun alone has moved to over 18% in digital transactions making it 58%, and more and more of the people shop or inquire about goods and services online everyday. Theese statistics are great for customers because it makes the task mobile , easy and quick. But the problem arises for owners of any great business which has great service, product price and support to compete with the accebility of any similar product being sold online. And based on the money a big company can spend on advertisement, presentation and accessability, the small offline businesses are not able to generate enough revenue, and the bulk market is flooding, leaving the charm of a unique personal service behind, just because of accessability. We are here to solve this problem creating a scalable model including local area targeting, a flexible service, together with direct support from our team. We have created a garenteed structure to ensure the natural client - business flow .

Unique personal service out of a local business is a great thing because it incorporates a sence of acknowledgement to a transaction. And everyone likes being acknowledgement. So incorporating that, we made it our objective to preserve the collective existance of the personalised business model, and branch it online for a more attractive and convenient presence. and search engines here works in our favour, because the way that it is set up is, it will only promote something if people are happy with it, there are ways to force it promoting a bad business but that is very expensive and time consuming act, and it is far financially wiser to just make something better.

We here at Dehradun Directory have 10+ Years of experience in web developement , digital marketing and search engine optimization on projects all over India. We help you target, select and send the right message to the right audience. Our purpose is to bring the best services and product to the people.Our mission is to
1. Help genuine business of Dehradun survive and thrieve, as well.
2. Directing those authentic local businesses reach the people.

In the mission to modernise Dehradun as well as retaining its character we feel like this is a worth while cause and we are proud to be a part of it.

Contact Us

Phone No: +91-0135-35-88-77-5
Address: Nehru Colony, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, 248001.